Last week I’ve needed a utility to convert a file containing json data to csv. I found many online solutions, but for some weird reason they didn’t support nested objects and arrays. So I wrote one, this time in python.

Grab it here - Github repository.


python json2csv.py "input_file.json" "output_file.csv"

If you pass in the following json file:

    "id": 1,
    "name": {
      "first": "john",
      "last": "johnson"
    "age": 27,
    "languages": [ "c#", "vb", "python" ]
    "id": 2,
    "name": {
      "first": "scott",
      "middle": "scottster",
      "last": "scottson"
    "age": 29,
    "languages": [ "objective-c", "c++" ]

You’ll get the following csv file:

age, id, languages_0, languages_1, languages_2, name_first, name_last, name_middle
27, 1, c#, vb, python, john, johnson,
29, 2, objective-c,	c++, , scott, scottson, scottster

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