About Me


I’m a software engineer with 20 years of industry experience. During the years, I worked for companies large and small, in roles ranging from Webmaster to Chief Architect. 

I aim to maintain an active media career as a public speaker, a blogger, and an author. Currently I’m a regular speaker at leading software engineering conferences, such as O’Reilly Software Architecture, NDC, DDD Europe, and others. My topics include distributed systems, Domain-Driven Design, microservices, evolutionary architecture, and software architecture in general.

As an author, I participated in the “Domain-Driven Design: The First 15 Years” book project, alongside Martin Fowler, Mel Conway, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, and other industry leaders.

For work, speaking, writing, training or any other type of enquiry, you can contact me via either of the methods below:

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